Song, Seung-Ho


(1986-1991) Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

(1991-1993) Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

(1995-1999) Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY


Energy conversion systems for renewable energy. Power electronics and electromechanical energy conversion, control, signal processing, and real-time microprocessor-based systems.


(1992-1995) Research Engineer in POSCON

(2000-2006) Assistant Professor in CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

(2002-2004) Engineering Consultant in KOWINTEC

(2004-2005) Visiting Professor in UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON

(2009-2012) Director of KW-Wind Renewable Energy Research Center

(2012-2013) Visiting Professor in GEORGIA INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY

(2006-present) Professor in KWANGWOON UNIVERSITY

- Chief editor

Journal of Wind Energy

- Associate editor

Journal of Power Electronics

- Reviewer

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

Journal of Power Electronics

Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology

- Activities

Member of the IEC 61400-27 TC88 WG27 (Electrical simulation models for wind power generation) international standard committee.

Member of the KEA(Korea

Member of the KEMCO(Korea Energy Management Corporation)


2012.11-2015.10 Development of a horizontal-axis wind turbine with parallel-generators sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (병렬형 발전기 구조를 갖는 수평축 풍력발전기 개발)

2012.06-2015.05 Development of 3.3kV, 7MW Medium Voltage Power Conversion System for Offshore Wind Power sponsored by SAMSUNG Heavy Industries Com., Ltd. (해상풍력발전용 3.3kV이상, 7MW급 고압전력변환장치 개발)

2011.07-2014.06 Development of Autonomous Smart Grid Simulator based on Distributed Control Scheme sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (분산제어 기반 자율형 스마트 그리드 시뮬레이터 구축 및 운영기술개발)

2010.06-2012.05 Development of Control algorithm and system for Wind Turbine sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (풍력발전시스템용 제어기술 및 기기 개발)

2009.06-2012.05 Wind Power Control System sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy(풍력발전제어시스템)

2008.12-2011.09 The Development of Simulation Model for LVRT Characteristic Analysis in Variable Speed Wind Power System sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (전범위 가변속 풍력발전 시스템 LVRT 특성 해석을 위한 시뮬레이션 모델 개발)

2009.03-2009.03 Simulation of Tokamak Coil Power Supply System during Transient Plasma State sponsored by ITER(플라즈마 과도상태에 따른 전원 및 전력 계통 해석)



- Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Mismatched Solar Cell(미스매치 상태의 태양광 발전장치 최대전력점 추종 제어방법) KR Patent No. 1012777620000, June, 2013.

- Method of tracking maximum power point for wind power generation system and apparatus thereof(최대출력점 추종을 이용한 풍력발전시스템의 최대출력제어방법 및 그 장치) KR. Patent No. 1012661210000, May, 2013.

- Apparatus of controlling a wind power generation system and method thereof(풍력발전시스템의 제어장치 및 그 방법) KR. Patent No. 1012359070000, February, 2013.

- Predictive current control apparatus for phase-controlled rectifier using on-line parameter estimation and method thereof(온라인 파라메터 추정을 이용한 위상제어 정류기의 예측전류 제어장치 및 그 방법) KR. Patent No. 10-2005-0028466, September, 2003.

- A Tension Control Method For Continuous Strip Processing Line(철강 냉연라인에서의 스트립 장력 제어방법) KR. Patent No. 10-0311962-0000, November, 2001.

Patent Pending

- Apparatus of diagnosing a state of a wind turbine generator and method thereof(풍력발전기의 이상상태 감지 장치 및 그 방법) KR. Patent No. 10-2012-0035596, April,2012

- Islanding detection methods with active frequency drift(능동 주파수 변이기법을 통한 계통연계형 인터버 단독운전 검출방법) KR. Patent No.10-2010-0119227, November,2010


J.H. Im, S.H Song and S. Kang "Analysis and Compensation of PCC Voltage Variation caused by Wind Turbine Power Fluctuation" Journal of Power Electronics - , Vol.13 No.5. September 2013 [SCI]

K.K. Kim, T.L. Van, D.C.LEE, S.H Song and E.H. Kim, “Maximum Output Power Tracking Control in Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Systems Considering Rotor Inertial Power”, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS -, Vol.60., No.8, August 2013, pp 3207-3217 [SCI]

H.G. Choi, S.S Song, S.G. Jeong, J.Y Choi and I. Choi, " Enhanced Dynamic Response of SRF-PLL System for High Dynamic Performance during Voltage Disturbance," Journal of Power Electronics - , Vol. 11, No.3, May 2011, pp 369-374.[SCI]

S.J. Jeong and S.H Song, " Improvement of Predictive Current Control PerFormance Using Online Parameter Estimation in Phase Controlled Rectifier," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics - , Vol. 22, No.5, September 2007, pp 1820-1825. [SCI]

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